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Healthy properties of Arzni mineral sources have been famous from time immemorial.

Mineral waters are capable of not only curing: mineral water finds an increasingly broad application as table drink. 

The springs are located on the left bank of the canyon of the Hrazdan River.


Mineral Water Arzni

Spring Water Ayg

Curative features

Healthy properties of Arzni mineral sources have been famous from time immemorial.


When cleaning one of the pools, coins of different periods from different states were discovered on its bottom. This find proves that the medical power of the sources was used not only by local population, but also by foreigners. Patients gathered here from everywhere and, feeling the great influence of the waters, dropped coins into the source as if in recognition of its healthy properties.

When breathing slightly higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in baths or when drinking carbonic water, numerous areas of extero- and interoreceptors are stimulated. This influences different sections of the nervous system, which in turn has a reflex action on the activity of organism. Eventually, functional ability of muscular system is increased, physical and mental capacity for work is improved, hypoxia is prevented.

Prescribed for administration 15-20 min before food intake, carbonic-acid mineral water stimulates digestion, while 1-11/2 hours before taking meal it reduces gastric secretion. This is explained by different localization of the effect of mineral water. Influencing mucous cover of stomach it has a stimulating effect, while through duodenum the effect is stomach activity suppression.

The alkalis of carbonic-acid waters change the acid content of stomach, speed up food evacuation and enhance secretion of gastric glands and bile secretion. Under the influence of carbonic-acid water, motor and secretory activity of gastrointestinal tract is increased.

The intensification of ordinary diuresis in case of renal activity disorder is considered as manifestation of a healthy effect of Arzni mineral water. Intake of carbonic-acid waters enhances urinary excretion and kreatine discharge. It is possible to conclude that higher effect of the mineral water in case of intake is related to its irritating influence on circulatory areas.

Complex use of the mineral water in sanatorium-and-spa conditions is the most efficient approach.


The resort of Arzni has a favorable effect on human organism owing to the complex of landscape and climatic factors (stable barometric pressure, rich solar radiation with great quantity of ultraviolet rays, smooth temperature fluctuations, and higher ionization of the air rich in oxygen).

In the first place, the mountainous area of Arzni stimulates mobilization of physiological systems and organs, supplying organism with oxygen, the volume of pulmonary ventilation is thus increased, blood supply is enhanced and enzymes are activated.

Many investigators fairly consider that not an individual meteorological element (wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure, air humidity, etc.), but rather their broad complex in combination with the marvelous effect of Arzni mineral water influences the general well-being of health.

A similar opinion about the Arzni resort was shared by I. G. Mizernitsky as early as in 1937. He remarked that meteorological factors influence human organism in their entire complex, in which impacts of individual factors can nevertheless play a decisive role.

The presence of 2 g/l of carbon dioxide in Arzni mineral water has an essential and crucial contribution in the process of treatment.

Mineral water bath facilitates and improves diffusion of carbonic acid through skin. The action of carbonic-acid baths leads to stimulation of the respiratory centre with carbon dioxide. This stimulation increases the volume of respiration that leads to an increase of venous inflow to heart and facilitates its activity.

When bathing, carbon dioxide is observed to cause reflex expansion of vast capillary network in skin and subcutaneous fat, and further, under the influence of formed vasoactive histamine-like substances, blood is redistributed, influx of venous blood to heart is enhanced and venous pressure increases, the rhythm of cardiac activity and respiratory frequency in а unit of time are reduced, systole is strengthened, cardiac muscle supply is improved.

Patients are admitted for treatment according to the indications that were developed during the first years of functioning of the sanatorium.

spa2.jpgThe indications for patients’ treatment in the resort are the following:

1. Diseases of cardio-vascular system.

  • Organic diseases
  • Functional affection of cardiac muscle, originating primarily and on the basis of metabolic disorder diseases without abrupt disorder of compensation.
  • Initial forms of sclerosis of central and peripheral vessels.

2. Diseases of gastroenteric tract, stomach diseases with hypoacidity, chronic catarrhs and intestine atony without expressed functional disorder.

3. Chronic osteal diseases, articular and muscular diseases of rheumatic, infectious character.

4. Chronic diseases of osteo-articular apparatus of rheumatic character that accompany diseases of cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract.

5. Diseases of neural system (neuroses and angioneuroses); neuroses connected with hypoactivity of endocrine glands, neuralgia with reduction of muscular tonus.

During many years, the resort of Arzni has been rendering effective help in the treatment of numerous cardiovascular diseases, facilitating prevention of possible accompanying complications. In this respect the sanatorium-and-spa therapy is a positive factor in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

Considerable rate of efficiency is recorded in the treatment of patients with chronic rheumatic affection of osteoarticular apparatus, especially among children, for who a specialized children sanatorium is functioning.

At the resort of Arzni, balneological treatment in the form of carbonic baths is the most important link in the rehabilitation process that helps to achieve a complex favorable health impact.

At the present, the spa-sanatorium therapy is considered important for the increase of adaptive capacity of organism and is a necessary factor for improvement of patients’ health.