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Healthy properties of Arzni mineral sources have been famous from time immemorial.

Mineral waters are capable of not only curing: mineral water finds an increasingly broad application as table drink. 

The springs are located on the left bank of the canyon of the Hrazdan River.


Mineral Water Arzni

Spring Water Ayg

About Arzni water

ARZNI mineral water is quite rich in mineral salts and according to the classification of GOST 13273-88 on Mineral Drinking Medicinal and Medicinal-Table Waters is related to carbonaceous, chloride-hydrocarbonate, sodium, siliceous, boric, low-acid mineral waters that contain salts of bromine, iodine, lithium and other.

According to long-term series of seasonal observations, the rate of flow and temperature constancy for Arzni mineral water varies in the limits of ± 1%, and the stability rate for salinity varies within 5%.

For its considerable content of carbonic acid, wide spectrum of chemical elements and various options available for bath prescriptions without diluting with fresh water, Arzni mineral water is reputed as singular, and the Arzni Resort as a unique health resort.

Arzni mineral water is microbiologically clean. By organoleptic properties, it is transparent, colorless, odorless, with no mechanical admixtures, and has a pleasant specific taste. No precipitation is observed after long-term storage in bottled condition.

Arzni mineral water enjoys wide popularity as table water and plays a prominent role in medical practice of treatment of gastric, hepatic, intestinal diseases, disrupted metabolism, and also chronic diseases of urinary tracts. Combined with the favorable climate factor of the Arzni Resort, the effect of this water is positive for cardiovascular system diseases and neuroses that have moderately manifested symptoms.

Arzni mineral water stimulates digestion and has positive metabolic effect.

Indications for Treatment with Arzni Mineral Water

  • Diseases of cardiovascular system
  • Chronic gastritis
    - with normal gastric secretion
    - with increased gastric secretion
    - with low gastric secretion
  • Non-complicated stomach or duodenal ulcer, diseases of operated stomach or duodenal ulcers
  • Chronic colitis and enterocolitis
  • Chronic hepatic diseases and diseases of bile-excreting tracts: hepatitis, cholecystitis, angiocholitis of diverse aetiology with no susceptibility to frequent exacerbations, calculous cholecystitis except of the forms complicated by infection or frequent exacerbations, or requiring surgical intervention.
  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Metabolic diseases: diabetes, obesity, gout, urine acid diathesis, oxaluria, phosphaturia
  • Chronic diseases of urinary tracts

Hence, the demand for ARZNI mineral water is certainly enormous. It has a unique combination of mineral salts and micro-elements that are important for human health.


Interesting Facts about ...  the Origin of Mineral Waters 

Penetrating through fractures in effusive rock, atmospheric precipitation water reaches gypsiferous and salt-bearing clay strata and infiltrates into the latter through zones of discontinuity. Along with this, salts are leached and dissolved, and the moving water flows become saline.

The saturation of water with carbonic acid occurs later, in the area where the breathing impact of fading force is still extant. Gases, including carbonic acid, rise to the surface through fractures in discontinuity zones.

Rising from the depth under high pressure, the carbonic acid saturates the water, imparting it chemical activity and thus facilitating an increase of salinity and enrichment of water with carbonates.