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Healthy properties of Arzni mineral sources have been famous from time immemorial.

Mineral waters are capable of not only curing: mineral water finds an increasingly broad application as table drink. 

The springs are located on the left bank of the canyon of the Hrazdan River.


Mineral Water Arzni

Spring Water Ayg

About Company

The “Arzni” mineral water has managed to merit consumers’ acknowledgement attested by the high rates of production realized at the domestic market and by high interest of foreign trade companies.

ARZNI Company was awarded Gold Medal for excellent quality of the Arzni Water and an honor degree at the Third International Exposition Armprodexpo 2003.

In 2008, mineral water “ARZNI” was recognized the Year’s Best Trademark and the company was awarded diploma and the cup of the Armenian Union of Manufacturers and Employers jointly with MASTER International Integration Support Center.

The ARZNI Company has held exclusive rights for the production of ARZNI brand water since 2002 and represents the sole enterprise that extracts and bottles this unique water.

Directly at the factory, the mineral water is saturated with carbon dioxide up to the level prescribed by normative documents. The gas is extracted naturally from the well and attaches a specific taste color to the water.

The entire process of bottling and storage of the mineral water is conducted according to the hygienic rules along with the on-going control of the chemical composition to ensure concurrence with the limit standards established by the Sanitary Regulations and Norms (SanR and N).

Continuous ecological monitoring of the Arzni springs is carried out to maintain the natural mineral composition of the water; water flow and temperatures are measured seasonally as well as the rate of chemical-biological contamination of the sanitary zone.

Presently, the production is organized with due account of the latest achievements of the foreign technologies. Owing to this approach, all health-giving minerals or microelements are preserved in the output products. Each production stage is supervised by the licensing, certification and standardization authorities of the Republic of Armenia.

The enterprise constantly updates its production lines, equips the bottling conveyers with advanced high-production equipment of world’s renowned manufacturers.

Since June 2004, the ARZNI Company has extended the range of its activity by introducing production of a broad nomenclature of soft drinks, including Papa Carlo brand lemonades, tonics, kvass and a few sorts of cold tea.

In May 2006, production of natural non-aerated mineral water Aig has been launched. This water is produced also with the option of sport-type cork.

Best-quality natural spring water extracted from recognized sources of drinking water located in Nournous settlement nearby is used in the production of the soft drinks.

Since September 2007, ARZNI Company has launched production also of a broad range of preserved products with “Aygi” brand, including juices and nectars, jams, marinated and canned vegetables.

Now our company can satisfy most refined consumer tastes with the rich assortment of mineral and spring waters, soft drinks and canned products that account for more than 100 names of goods in total.