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Healthy properties of Arzni mineral sources have been famous from time immemorial.

Mineral waters are capable of not only curing: mineral water finds an increasingly broad application as table drink. 

The springs are located on the left bank of the canyon of the Hrazdan River.


Mineral Water Arzni

Spring Water Ayg

History of the factory

Arzni mineral water is natural subterranean water from the ecologically clean same-name region in Armenia – Arzni. 


The water is extracted from the depth of 67 meters, transmitted through special health-safe pipes and bottled not far from Borehole 6/64, permitting the best preservation of its healing properties.

The mineral water of Arzni has good taste and high-rate therapeutic medicinal features.

factory1.jpgThe enterprise was founded in 1925 and the production of Arzni mineral water was started in 1927.

The solid hydro-mineralogical base available in Armenia enabled the resort and the bottling factory of Arzni to develop their activity to a larger scale.

This can be illustrated by fundamental changes that took place at the bottling factory. In 1970, the old factory located in the gorge was liquidated completely, and new Arzni Factory was built instead on the plateau in the town of Byureghavan, about 1 kilometer north of the operated mineral water wells. The output capacity of this factory through its three conveyers was up to 130 million of bottles per year. From Byureghavan, the factory was directly linked by railway with the city of Abovyan, and from it with Russia and other countries that enabled export of the products. The productive capacities of the Arzni Factory were enough to provide huge amounts of the water to other USSR republics.

facrotyussr.jpgThe geographic coverage of the factory’s export of those years was wide and included Russia, CIS countries, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Central Asia countries.

Since the middle of the 1990s, following to the disintegration of the Soviet Union and later transport blockade of Armenia, the rates of mineral water production started to drop.

It was not earlier than in 2002, after the owner of the factory had changed and the exclusive rights had been transferred to the ARZNI Company, that the mineral water production was put in order and yearly build-up of the production volume was made possible.

Having acquired this mineral water factory, the ARZNI Company inherited all difficulties related to the need for full-scale restoration of the enterprise that had deteriorated after the breakdown of the Soviet Union and the total transport blockade that followed it.

The objectives set at that moment were the restoration of а factory earlier renown both in Armenia and beyond, re-launching of the extraction and bringing of the production capacities of the factory up to its potential capacity to saturate the market with high-quality medicinal drinking water.


The available equipment was restored, new lines of bottling in PET bottles were put in operation; capital repairs were carried out in the production buildings and structures. The production department and the manufacturing equipment are now totally compliant with the international standards of quality and management, which was appreciated by the award of Quality Certificate АСТ ISO 9001-2000 the Company received in 2002.

In April 2007, the Company started to mount a high-production bottling conveyer and to prepare the factory for certification of its production in compliance with the requirements of ISO 22000 international standard of Food Products Safety Management System.

Production of a wide assortment of soft drinks was introduced at the factory since 2004 and in May 2006, production of natural non-aerated mineral water Aig has been launched.